I believe that for any meaningful change to take place for a person, that change has to occur from the inside out, not the outside in. Focusing on facilitating learning, not on imposing training, is the correct way for trainers to go. It has been my observation after 40 years in real estate that some things are more important to an individual than skills and processes, like emotional maturity and compassion. Some organizations’ successes are due to upper management and leadership enabling and encouraging the development of the person, not skills and processes.

Why does organizational change, which typically includes training and development, usually fail? At an early age we are conditioned to believe that the way to motivate people towards changing is to command them. Did you ever hear your parents say, “You do this because I say so!”? People today have a different perspective. Just because the boss says so doesn’t make it so. Imposing change on people through training doesn’t work because it assumes that an individual’s personal needs are aligned with those of the organization and that they can easily assimilate the type of change that the organization wants.

For example, what if the organization wants the person to have a performance goal like building a more effective team? What if the person wants to have a performance goal and a learning goal? “Performance is something you do that brings about an observable change in the external world. Learning is a change that takes place within the learner. Performance goals may or may not require any change in capability on the part of the person. Each change describes a single external accomplishment. Learning goals, on the other hand, represent changes in capability which has the potential to contribute to countless future performances,” says Timothy Gallwey, author of Inner Game of Work.

This is why I train to the individual learning something that will lead to future performances, even though learning results take longer to see and are more difficult to measure than performance results. Contact me today and ask me how I can help you with your training needs.


“I am an Educational Consultant who has a familiarity with hundreds of schools, educational programs and training. I am a strong advocate for having instruction provided to students in a way that compliments the student’s style of learning. Erik is a natural trainer and he absolutely embraces the broad exposure needed to encompass a number of learning styles. Interaction is a key word for today’s audiences for learning and retaining information. Erik is a master of keeping everyone engaged and making sure the information is understood. In Erik’s role playing sessions significant learning occurred and received incredible participation from the class as we all really enjoyed it.” - Chip Law, Owner, Educational Consulting