“When you talk about yourself it’s called bragging. However, when someone else brags about you it says a lot.” - Jeffrey Gitomer, author, The Sales Bible

“I had the pleasure of attending an entire week of classes taught by Erik Silden for my mandatory training by the S.C. Real Estate Commission. Without a doubt he was the best Real Estate Instructor that Fortune Real Estate Academy had. I say that because I am a teacher as well. His delivery, knowledge and humor were highly commendable.” - RS - Consulting Partner at Ken Blanchard Companies

“Thank you so much for investing your time and expertise at our last sales meeting. Your approach was refreshing, fun and informative. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm and excitement you inspired our team of sales professionals with and I look forward to having you back again.” - KJ – VP Sales, Torrey Homes
“Erik is a seasoned professional and has facilitated several sales training sessions for our agents. His ability to motivate and teach is invaluable and his program delivery is incredible!” - KE- Sales Manager – D.R. Horton Homes
“My ‘lucky break’ came when you hired me to work as a Sales Agent for Squires Homes. I came to the job with no sales or real estate experience. You had little corporate support for training, compared to what most builders offer their staffs today. You had me practice and role play what I was learning. As a result, I was awarded New Home Sales Person of the Year by the Charleston Sales and Marketing Council.” - KM – Manager, Wells Fargo Mortgage
“Erik has a gift for recognizing the positive qualities in others and encouraging them to maximize their individual talents and strengths. He helped me analyze problem situations and generate plausible solutions. I have learned much about training and leadership from him.” - GW – Doctor Education, Coordinator of Graduate School Counseling, The Citadel
“Since I have been coaching with you, I have grown a lot. I have learned to let go of being responsible for other people and trying to control outcomes. I have much better boundaries of not letting others trigger me and drain my energy. Now I have more energy for things I want to spend my efforts on and have a much improved focus.” - SK – Sales Agent, Keller Williams
“I had a wonderful job but felt it was time to find someone to assist me in analyzing my personal and professional future. I felt I needed a life coach as someone who could look at my big picture and help me figure out the direction I wanted to take. I know now that there are some additional things I need to learn and experience first in my present job before I move on. It has been completely worth the time and effort that I put into it and would like to recommend Erik to anyone else.” - LG – Administrative Assistant, Center For Women
“I had lost fulfillment in my own job along with my focus and direction. You helped me realize that my job does not define me and connected me back to areas of my life that I had neglected for far too long.” - KG – Pharmaceutical Sales
“Erik’s most shining quality is his energetic commitment to the people he serves. He helped me look within myself and see the possibilities of my future. With his coaching support I was able to create my plan and turn it into reality.” - LS – Mortgage Banker
“I have attended Erik’s training sessions on several occasions. Whether he is before several hundred people or less he makes you believe that he is talking directly to you. Erik also presents major points clearly and concisely and in all areas his thoroughness makes the difficult appear easy.” - SG - IS Administrator, Remax Realty
“I was considering adding coaching services to my consulting practice of providing financial planning services to high-end clients. Erik’s strengths were encouragement, a caring heart and belief in the goodness of others. His personal experiences gave him great empathy for me to seek my calling in life. Erik helped me merge coaching into my consulting practice and really helped me develop my new company, Eredita, LLC.” - MMB – Owner, Eredita, LLC
“My wife, Laurie and I extend our appreciation to you for coaching us over the last 6 months. You have been a light when the way seemed blurry and a great asset in helping us regain our focus. We have appreciated your encouragement, optimism and honest feedback. We never felt hopeless in our sessions with you as you helped us wrestle with issues in our marriage, ministry and real estate pursuits. We are confident that you will be able to serve many other people in the future.” - DB & LB – Ministry Team, Vintage Church
“Erik Silden coached me in starting my real estate business and really helped me get my feet on the ground. He helped me gain confidence in prospecting which helped me open a lot of doors to who I was and what I had to offer. Erik was able to help me make business plans with specific priorities in order to channel my energy into ‘high-payoff’ activities.” - Ml – Sales Agent, New Realty Group
“Several years ago I began working with Erik as my coach as I was unfulfilled in my role as a Senior Mortgage Banker. I was beginning to question if I was aggressive enough for the Banking Industry, let alone the certainty about the rest of my career. I needed some coaching immediately in order to look objectively at what my future options might be. He shared how he had corrected his past mistakes and the lessons he had learned in improving his life so he had lots of experiences to draw from. He shows people how the “real world” applies to them even though you might be in a crisis. Erik heard what I said and filtered it back to me in a way that I could evaluate it from several perspectives. He is not judgmental and accepts people where they are in their lives. Words like “real, authentic and sincere” best describe Erik Silden. Without any reservation I can honestly say that Erik has made me a better person”. - Charles Williams, M.A., M.B.A. Assistant Professor of Management at Southern Wesleyan University.