Sales $ Marketing

Why do you sell?

To make money? What will your money buy you? Whom will you help with your money? The biggest mistake salespeople make is selling for their own reasons and not their customer’s.

“Finding out the customer’s ‘why’ for buying is the most important item in the sales process,” says Jeff Gitomer, author of Little Red Book of Selling.

“Why you sell is more important than how you sell and your selling success isn’t an issue of what you know but who you are,” according to Ron Willingham, author of Inner Game of Selling.

Each of us has internal beliefs about what we can achieve or not achieve. What I try to do as a coach is to get you to think differently, which will influence your inner beliefs, which will in turn change some of your behaviors. When you act on your new beliefs, you will have the confidence to move to higher levels of achievement you never thought possible.

Why limit yourself? Why not partner with someone who will help you move towards greater prosperity and abundance? Working with me as your coach, you can expect some breakthroughs, no matter where you are today.

“Six years ago I entered the field of Sales with much concern and trepidation which accompanies a career change. He coached me with some solid techniques to provide me with a solid foundation and presented the reality side of sales so I would know what to expect. I can honestly say he has been a fundamental block in my success. I highly recommend Erik to anyone in Sales and guarantee that he will provide a great return on their investment.” - C. J., Director of Sales, Centex Homes

A couple of traits I’ve seen in highly successful salespeople is that the more they learn, the more they want to learn, and their hunger, drive, and motivation become greater as they become more successful. Here’s your opportunity to keep learning. Contact me today for a free 45-minute session so we can discuss your goals and get you on the path to greater success.