Real Estate/ Mortgage Banking

Why should you as a Real Estate Agent or a Mortgage Broker need a personal Coach?


It comes down to the Pareto principle, which says that 20% of the things people do leads to 80% of their production. My goal is to help you find that 20% so you can do more of it.

Coaching is a one-on-one process that’s geared specifically to each individual. I help you determine your strengths and weaknesses so you can eliminate things that drain your energy. This creates more time for you to focus on the “high-payoff” tasks that bring you better results.

Each person is unique, so as a coach I discover who you are as an individual and what you’ve experienced. You and I work as a team to help you determine what your goals are and then make a plan to achieve them.

My guess is that, like most people in Real Estate, you are going in a lot of directions and trying to do many things at once. It’s easy to let your life get out of balance. When you do, you lose focus on the big picture – what your priorities are and what you want to achieve. Even if you’ve been successful¸ don’t you want to get to the next level? If you’re not growing personally and professionally, you’re dying!


“Real Estate Sales is more challenging today, it’s easy to let our skills slide and become discouraged and frustrated. With Erik’s coaching I have organized my sales presentation and increased the quality of my feedback. I have a much better understanding of the customer’s needs and wants.” - S. W., Sales Consultant, Sable Homes


It’s never too late for a little guidance to increase your production, no matter what tools or strategies you currently use. Call me today for a free 45 minute coaching session, and let’s get started!