Payments for my Coaching services are as follows:

1. All of my Coaching is customized to meet your needs so the price will vary for each client.

2. I usually work with you on a 6 month signed agreement.

3. The total amount you pay me for that 6 month period of time is negotiated between you and I before starting any Coaching.

4. I collect for one half (50%) of the total cost for your 6 month contract before any Coaching begins and another (50%) at end of 3 months of Coaching you, before any Coaching continues.

5. For example, if you’ve contracted for me to Coach you for say $200.00 per month for 6 months equals $1,200.00 for the total amount due. Out of this total amount due, you would pay me $600.00 before we begin any Coaching.

6. You would then pay me another $600.00 at end of 3 months. This represents the other (50%) of the total amount due for 6 months.

7. I am not set up for either Master Charge or Visa at this time.


Please contact me so I may discuss with you how I can customize a program to meet your specific needs.