Almost everyone at one time or another has said, “I would love to have my own business.”

I know this was my thinking about 25 years ago, but I was not yet in a position to make this become a reality. The reality was that my three children, house payment and debt meant I couldn’t quit my job and go out on my own. In fact, if I had tried to start my own business then, I would have become just like 80% of those who fail in their first year. I really didn’t understand myself and I had no game plan. I hadn’t even identified why I would be doing this other than to be able to tell others “I have my own business”!

After I became an entrepreneur myself and started coaching entrepreneurs, I was hungry for even more information I could use to coach others in Entrepreneurship. So I went back to the College of Charleston two years ago at the age of 66 to study Entrepreneurship.

Today, I am a coach, and I have a coach. Entrepreneurs need to make sure they have enough structure to support them so they can carry forward with the ideas they have. Having a coach has really helped me. I use my coach to bounce new ideas off of, help me with problems, and act an outlet for my creative side.

“I can’t thank you enough for your advice and creative ideas to reignite my business. I have started putting the ideas into practice and created a new brochure. Honestly, I have not been this fired up about my business for a long time. Your coaching has paid dividends to me in a short period of time and in the long run there is no doubt it will keep doing so.” - D. M., Harbor Homes Watch

As a coach, my goal is to get the Entrepreneur thinking bigger so I never want to get in the way of their ability to innovate. Are you ready to make your dreams of entrepreneurship a reality? If so, call me today, and we can schedule a free initial coaching session.