Coaching Philosophy

Is good coaching about being a nag? I don’t think so, as that’s not my style! Great coaching is not about being a strict parent, or micromanaging your clients with step-by-step action plans. To do that is “Anti-coaching,” according to Michigan author and coach Patricia Gundry. What you did yesterday is important, but I care more about what is happening now – that’s real coaching.

What I do is to speak to you where you are, in language you can understand, about issues you can relate to. Then I can help you expand your understanding of what you want to do. If I can’t be non-judgmental, accept you as you are and meet you where you are, I’m not in a position to help you become the best you can be.

I want to help you design an environment that inspires and encourages growth. This is quite different from just emphasizing action plans, managing tasks and making you stick to them. Self-awareness is vital to your success, so I use DISC and Myers-Briggs Assessments to show you your strengths and weaknesses. This also allows me to customize my coaching to the type of person you are. With my coaching, your awareness increases to such an extent that action plans and accountability become a moot point. Accountability can be a byproduct of what I do. If it is your only focus, then you aren’t exploring all the alternatives available to you to make more informed decisions.

Most of us need some help from others when taking new action, and that help could just very well be a coach. “The majority of people seeking coaching would say that accountability and follow-through are primary issues for them. Yet as coaches, we know that those are actually symptoms of some more important issues,” says Nina East, a mentor and coach. It’s about creating permanent results – not temporary decisions. At the heart of coaching is the process of searching for and discovering your true self. Through that discovery, you can develop a way to reassess how you do things.

Good coaching dispels beliefs that hinder your thinking and expands your mind to incorporate new possibilities. It empowers you to believe that you can become better than even you think you can be. I help you wake up to your reality and minimize distractions that pull you away from what you really want. This can only be accomplished by examining the root causes of the thinking that keep you stuck in the status quo. Effective coaching is about cutting to the core of your issues and helping you address your deeper needs.


“Before I came to you I was confused, scared, angry and my self-esteem was at an all-time low. I was at a loss, for my divorce was all new territory for me. You gave me direction when I did not have any. You comforted me by not being judgmental in any way and accepting me right where I was. As a result, I was able to move towards facing my problems instead of always focusing on the pain in my life. Because you had already walked in my shoes, you provided various perspectives on my situation I wasn’t even aware of. Since working with you, Erik, I now have a life of faith instead of fear. I have grown emotionally which has helped me in all of my relationships. I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to find meaning and purpose in their life.” - Don Oswalt, Printing Sales